main uses and advantages of polybond

dilution and coverage:

These will vary depending on the porosity and smoothness of the surface to which Polybond and its various dilutions are applied. However the following figures based on site reports will act as a general guide:

polybond + water typical uses Approx. Coverage
Full Strength Sticking non-porous surfaces, ie: glass, formica, metal, etc. Sealing rope ends. 10m2/Litre
1 part + 1 part Wood and Joinery adhesive.
Adhesive for paper and card.
Emulsion paint additive.
Binding carpets.
Base for plastic woods/fillers.
1 part + 2 parts Primer for non-porous surfaces.
Slurry coat additive.
1 part + 3 parts Bonding Agent. Repair Mix.
Filler additive. Bitumen sealer.
Wallpaper protection.
Stabilising solution.
1 part + 5 parts Admixture to plaster and sand-cement renders. Primer and sealer coat on concrete, plaster. 45m2/Litre
1 part + 10 parts Admixture for plastic screeds.
Primer on very porous surfaces.

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